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With this kit, you can make your own handmade paper from scratch. Handmade paper is beautiful and also very sustainable, since you can use old paper scraps to make it. Depending on what you add, you can achieve beautiful effects and colors in your handmade paper. It is an incredibly exciting process to see the paper being created. You will find that handmade paper has a completely different structure than regular paper, and it is perfect for eg. creating beautiful invitations or greeting cards.

Box contents:
• Paper making mold and deckle (frame)
• Cellulose pulp in pressed sheets
• Absorbent sheets, also called couch sheets (which can be used again and again)
• Sponge
• Dried flowers
• Colored paper
• Instructions

You will also need: blender and wash tub.

Level of difficulty: ●●●○
Note: The kit is not a toy, and children under 14 must always be supervised by an adult, as it may contain difficult or unsafe parts.
Time: Soaking time for pulp or scrap paper is 1-2 hours or overnight, depending on the type. Then, calculate approx. 1 hour to make about 10 sheets of paper. Afterwards, the paper should dry, it will take approx. 1-2 days time.

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