Tegan Emerson Vase - Kindred Idol

950,00 kr 570,00 kr

Handbuilt vase 

Made by Tegan Emerson

Color: white with a soft pink blush

Measurements: H20 W11

Please note: As each vase is handmade and unique, you will receive a variation on one of  these designs.


Tegan Emerson (b. Sydney Australia)

Currently works in Berlin, Germany

Tegan Emerson has a background in archives, studying MA Museum/Curatorial Studies and a BA in Fine Arts (Photomedia) at the University of Sydney.

Since the beginning of 2019, Tegan began experimenting with handbuilding ceramics, exploring the surface of clay with textures, and diverse vessel forms.

 Luxuriously tactile, with textures reminiscent of corals and moonscapes, these forms inhabit a realm somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea. Hovering between unknown aquatic depths and the gravitational pull of the moon of Atlantis, tidal shifts and lunar worship serve as an inspiration for these ceremonial forms.

Alongside her ceramic work, Tegan is an archivist and contemporary art collection specialist.

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