Aage Würtz mini Teapot


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Made by Danish maker Aage Würtz

Measurements: H13.5 W10

Contains: 1 cup

Please note: All items are handmade and unique and one of a kind 



Aage Würtz is one of Denmarks

most recognized potters

In 2009 he established KH Würtz together with his son Kasper, they received high recognition for the handmade tableware, they produced for the Michelin star restaurant NOMA.

While his son, Kasper, is now running the company, KH Würtz, Aage himself is still a potter and makes his own line of vases, bowls and dishes in his own name. Aage is constantly in pursuit of "the perfect shape".


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Aage Würtz Teapot
Aage Würtz Teapot
Aage Würtz Teapot
Aage Würtz Teapot
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