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With this kit you can weave your own beautiful wall hanging using a wooden weaving frame loom and classical weaving techniques. Weaving is a great project for both kids and grown-ups, and with our kit you are sure to get a beautiful mix of colors and yarn qualities, no matter how you choose to make your weaving. Everything you need is included in this kit, so you can get started right away!!

Box contents:
• Wooden weaving frame loom
• Metal spokes
• Comb
• Stick shuttle
• Needle
• Warp thread (warp = vertical thread)
• Yarns in various qualities and colors (called weft = horizontal thread)
• Roving (the bulky, woollen ”yarn”)
• Wooden stick for hanging
• Instructions

You will also need: Scissors.

Level of difficulty: ●●○○
Note: The kit is not a toy, and children under 14 must always be supervised by an adult, as it may contain difficult or unsafe parts.
Time: Depends a lot on how fast you weave, but from about 3 hours.

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