Constellation - Mobile

650,00 kr

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This mobile reaches completion as three pieces of the “V”-shaped parts are attached to a single line of thread hanging from the ceiling. The thread is bent at a number of points along the way by the weight of the parts and reveals itself as an angled line as a whole. It’s a mobile in which the gravity unfolds its own shape.

Dimensions : W650mm H800mm
Material : Stainless steel, EVA

Tempo is a project by the creatives at Mother Tool, a design company and workshop who have been searching for new form through kinetic sculpture.

Based in Ashikaga in Tochigi, Mother Tool was founded by Toshiya Murohashi and his wife Miho Nakamura with their ideas being to link old technology with modern design. In collaboration with various designers and workshops in Japan they have produced this stunning selection of mobiles and kinetic sculptures that are playful but delicately crafted by hand.

Construction is approached with balance in mind. Each piece has a unique rhythm thanks to the craftsmen that produce them and their attention to detail. With the help of contemporary designers they have been able to produce a stunning collection of mobiles that are sure to look great and bring a sense of play in to any home or interior space.