Burning heart necklace

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 “I give you my heart, to carry with you always”. 

Treat someone you love with a perfect little heart. 

The Burning Heart necklace is a beautiful combination of  a classic, fine anchor chain, and a heart shaped pendant with a uniquely structured surface. 



Pendant 1 cm in length (approx), Thickness 1mm


Care guide:

We care for your jewelry! In order for your jewelry to be everlasting, it’s important to give them the right care. 

Your jewelry should always be the last thing you put on, to prevent them getting in touch with soap, perfume, hairspray and other substances that can damage or tarnish the jewelry. 


Sisse Dinesen Jewelry was founded in 2019 with the mission to create unique jewelry that can be your personal accessory for many years to come.

The special thing about handmade jewelry is that the process is different each time. Working the materials by hand, creates a playfulness and uniqueness that makes each piece of jewelry slightly different from the next one. ⁠

Sisse´s aim with her Jewelry is to let love and passion for jewelry design shine through every piece she creates - so it can look truly magical on you.

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