Tiny Bike Adventure for your plants

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Would you like to step away from your daily routine? Join us on a tiny bike adventure travelling between plants, thoughts and time. These gold brass plant decorations take you away to a different world. 

This unique set of indoor plant decorations is designed to recreate the feeling of freedom when you go exploring. While you bike through your neighbourhood you’ll spot a fence, a bench, a street lamp and a clothesline with some clothes to dry. Four tall plant stems are swaying in the soft breeze and your animal friends come to greet you too. Say hello to the pigeon, hedgehog and woodpecker as you pass by. The street sign reminds you to head to your happy place. What a lovely topic to think about every once in a while.

This pack of miniature garden decor can be used to decorate your plants both inside and outside. The elements are made of brass but have a protective coating. A beautiful patina may develop overtime but you can make it shiny again with a quick clean.

Houseplant gifts

This DIY set is a lovely way to gift your busy friends a moment of peace. Surely everyone has at least one houseplant to host this tiny bike adventure?

The set speaks to your personality. A bike adventure may reflect your adventurous side. It might also symbolize your daily moment of wonder and wander in the wind. Where’s your happy place?

We have a detailed video tutorial (in the video tab) showing you how to assemble our tiny bike adventure landscape. Enjoy the journey AND the destination!

Accessories for your plants

– Gold brass. A shiny decoration with protective coating, fit for indoor and outdoor use.

– Elaborate set. This set contains plenty of decor for several plants.

– Tiny is true. The little bike is 4 by 5 cm.